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I am having such a fun time making cakes. This year has brought some new adventures and I am enjoying the ride! I love when I have fun and exciting new cakes to post pictures of. I hope that you enjoy taking a look through my world of cakes...

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Black and White

First of all, I am in love with this bow. I have never used this wide of ribbon before, but, I love how it turned out. And, I like the 2 different shapes too.
Secondly, this bride wanted a true black and white wedding. Everything was black and white. She even asked her guests to wear black and white. I saw the beginnings of things and a few guests strolling in and I can only imagine the effect that a whole crowd all in black and white would have. Way cool! Its all in the details. And that is one detail that cost her nothing, but had a HUGE effect!
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Anonymous said...

I recently had someone ask me who did my AMAZING cake for my wedding, I thought I would get on your blog and show her your awesome work... and low and behold you have MY wedding cake on here... I love the amazing job you did and I can't thank you enough, it will be a year in August and we still have that top layer... I don't think it will be as tasty as it was on our wedding day but we gotta’ try it! You are so great and again, Thank You!!!