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I am having such a fun time making cakes. This year has brought some new adventures and I am enjoying the ride! I love when I have fun and exciting new cakes to post pictures of. I hope that you enjoy taking a look through my world of cakes...

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Going Polka Dotty!

I decide, last minute, to make a surprise birthday cake for my sister. It turned out really fun! It doesn't scream birthday, which makes it work for any fun occasion. Pick any color and any ribbon and you've got a really fun combination. You could make the dots all the same size too.


nise said...

Hi Christina,
This is Justin's Aunt Denise,the one who was just there spoiling Savanna, anyway-What a cute cake!!!
You are very talented! And bonus your cakes taste good too!!(Even though Savanna threw hers on the ground, ahh to be a one year old!!)
It was amazing to see what you come up w/for ideas. Hope to see ya again when were in town.
Take care-Love A. Nisey

Feener said...

you are talented !! that cakes looks amazing. where do you work out of ? i can give you a shout out on my blog if it is in tristate ??

i have a great giveaway on my site right now - check it out.