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I am having such a fun time making cakes. This year has brought some new adventures and I am enjoying the ride! I love when I have fun and exciting new cakes to post pictures of. I hope that you enjoy taking a look through my world of cakes...

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Draper Temple Dedication

I had the most amazing experience this past weekend. I was able to help with the food for the dedication of the Draper LDS Temple. One of the things I got to do was make cakes for this special occasion. I made 4 of them for various locations throughout the temple. Here they are...

This cake went in the brides dressing room. This is where they had a buffet set up for the Temple Presidency. They were so excited about this cake and decided to have me box it up and they are going to save it for the one year aniversary of the dedication.

This is the cake that I made for President Monson, Prophet of the LDS Church. The next picture is the top of his cake. The lighting was not very good, so you can't really read it, but, it says "We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet." There was a reporter from the Deseret News there and she actually took pictures of my cakes. When President Monson came into his office and saw his cake, he asked her to take a picture. She said that she already had. And he said, no, I want one with me and the cake together! I thought that was so sweet!

And this is the cake that I made for the Audio Visual guys. There we so many of them there making sure that we all got to see and hear the dedication. So, I made them this cake to say thanks for all of their hard work.
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